Lisa Curtis, LCSW, CASAC, HWC


Contacting me

Contact me now to schedule your free initial consultation! It’s super easy! I look forward to working with you!

Phone:  914-329-5964 ~ this will connect you with my cell phone.  I will not return a call without a message requesting I do so. I will generally not respond to text messages unless you are currently a client.

E-mail: is checked multiple times throughout the work day.

Office location and Parking ~ Which You Don’t Need To Worry About with Virtual Visits!

My office is located at an easy 12-15 minute walk from both the White Plains train station and bus terminal. There are stops for buses right on N. Broadway (2 minutes from the office) where most major routes stop. If you’re coming from the court house it’s a slow 15 minute or fast 10 minute walk.

There are 3 options for parking. You can attempt to find parking on Church Street, Barker, Main Street and North Broadway but fair warning; its not an easy place to find a spot.

You can follow the signs for parking at 445 Hamilton, go to the 6th floor of the parking structure (green floor) and from there follow the signs for the catwalk to 445 Hamilton. The 4th floor of my building connects directly with that floor of the parking structure. This is the most expensive option but it will keep you out of the rain.

The third option is to park in the Hamilton Main Municipal Garage, paying attention to where Hamilton Avenue is as you park as my office is a 3 minute walk up the street from there. This is the BEST option.

In paying for parking my suggestion is that you have smaller bills with you or you’ll end up with a stash of dollar coins or quarters, or the White Plains parking app, which can be downloaded from here:

Photo of large sacks of dry spices in an open air market.

Spices historically were used as currency but you won’t be able to pay for the meter with this!