Lisa Curtis, LCSW, CASAC, HWC

My Areas of Change

Really? Therapy?

Therapy is just a fancy way of stating that we’re having a conversation. Counseling time is unique in that the time is yours, for the help you’re looking for.

What Kind of Issues Show Up

If you have ~

~ Missed out on major holidays or life events because you were too high/drunk or hung over to get there OR felt that you weren’t up to ‘putting on the show’ to be there.

~ Woken up dreading the idea of going to work because it just feels like it no longer fits you.

~ Found yourself wondering how or when you got so far off track that the place you wanted to be, isn’t the place you’re in, by many miles.

~ The negative talk you subject yourself to often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and beaten up.

~ Realized an entire meal, movie night, softball game with your kids or visit to family were blurry flashes because you were so caught up in anxiety, dread or your own mind thinking about what could or should be happening but isn’t just yet…

And when you are ready to change the cycle, this is the work I do.

Change is never easy and making the decision to seek out the transformations you are looking for is not for the faint of heart. But neither is living in a way that no longer fits you.

I work with those who are seeking change. Massive change. Those who are honestly wishing to end their relationship with using substances, destructive behaviors and decisions that end poorly. There might slides backwards but together we’ll figure out what works best for you and your goals.

No judging or criticizing ~ my role is to cheer you on or kick you in the metaphorical ass. You, your life and family deserve nothing less than the rich gifts you have to offer.

I work with clients online by secure video.

I can be reached at 914-329-5964 or through e-mail at when you’re ready for support, to invest in yourself and soar to higher heights…