November 4, 2023

New Year! New You!

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Now is the time to plan for that change.

New Year, New You! As we approach the season of resolutions and aspirations, you’ll undoubtedly encounter messages promising transformative changes in the coming year. They suggest that filling in the blanks of your dreams will bring them to life. It’s that time of year when gyms experience a surge in memberships and attendance for the first few weeks. New diets are tested, new habits are declared, and many pledges are made about personal growth, whether it’s spending more time with family or making any other improvement. It all sounds wonderful, but here’s the catch: most of us struggle to maintain these changes or even believe they’re achievable.

We’ve heard so much about what “will” happen or what can change, but often, we lack a concrete plan. We want to believe that merely showing up at the gym will magically transform our lives, but we usually lack a well-thought-out strategy tailored to our needs.

Think of it as akin to building a house. The process begins by identifying your goals, purpose, and the desired emotions in that space. The same approach can be applied to the changes we seek. What are you seeking? How do you want to feel? How will you measure your progress? When should you consider changing your approach?

These are the questions I often discuss with my clients. Therapists sometimes call this the “Magic Wand” question: “If I had a magic wand and changed something in your life overnight without telling you, how would you notice the difference when you wake up in the morning?” The answers can be surprising: “I would wake up next to a different person,” “I would feel more relaxed starting my day,” “I wouldn’t be as angry with my partner,” “I would feel motivated to…”

The dream of effortlessly transitioning to a better life is appealing but unrealistic without a plan. Crafting a plan is what facilitates a smooth transition to the new.

Now, consider the house-building analogy once more. Think about the kind of spaces that suit you. Do you prefer a sleek, modern style or the warmth of farmhouse elements like big sinks and beadboard walls?

Similarly, when creating a strategy for change or overcoming a hurdle, ask yourself what works for you. Reflect on what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. This self-awareness guides your journey toward transformation.

One of the reasons I cherish intensive sessions (sometimes referred to as high impact sessions) with my clients is the opportunity to delve into these very questions. With the time and space to explore your past experiences, we can discover what truly fits you, not a one-size-fits-all plan that’s likely to be abandoned when the going gets tough—because it will.

Let’s face it; change is tough. New ways of doing things won’t feel comfortable or easy for a while. This is one of the not-so-talked-about secrets of change. It underscores the importance of preparing not just for the initial steps but also for what comes next.

November is swiftly moving into double-digit days, and December is right around the corner. If you’re gearing up for a “New Year, New You” journey, now is the time to start planning. If you’re seeking extra support, now is the ideal moment to seek it out, ensuring you’re on the right path before the ball drops and the fireworks light up the sky. Your commitment to the changes you desire is admirable, and there are professionals ready to assist you. If you need help finding the right guidance, I can assist with that too! Regardless of the path you choose, I wish you a successful end-of-year journey.

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