Online Therapy

Online therapy might be new for you, but I’ve been using technology to support my clients for many years now. With clients who travel or who faced roadblocks to get into the office, creativity is often the name of game to get their needs met.

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Depending on the circumstances, online therapy can be as effective, if not more effective, than coming into the office. For those with physical limitations, transportation issues or chronic illnesses, it is often extremely difficult to navigate getting into the office. By the way, this isn’t just my impression ~ it’s backed up by research the VA has done.

Virtual work is convenient as it resolves obstacles associated with coming into an office such as:

  • Transportation (including access, costs for transit and/or parking, vehicle dependability)
  • Caregiver responsibilities (including eldercare, childcare, and partner care)
  • Accessibility (including physical/mobility limitations, mental health limitations)
  • Convenience (squeezing in a session during lunch hour)
  • Weather (weather is either unpredictable or epic—who wants to commute?)
  • Work/Life balance (asking for time off work is tiresome)


If you have questions or concerns for how this might work for you or what the logistics are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and together I’m sure we’ll come to a solution that fits you. The platform I use, Theranest, is a secure connection, ensuring your privacy. 

~ And yes! You can have your dog or your cat next to you as we talk.

I can be reached at 914-329-5964 or through e-mail at when you’re ready for support.


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