Substance Use & Abuse

When your relationship with drinking or using becomes problematic it can be a challenge to step away without support. If your choices are having negative consequences in your life, it could be helpful to learn about how to change that.

Using too much of a substance or getting involved in behaviors that are destructive is much like any other relationship that’s gone south ~ it can be hard to see your way out. Worse yet, it can seem like there’s only one solution. While it may well be that ending your relationship with substances is the best destination, there are many routes to achieving that.

I’m not a believer in ‘one size fits all’. We all find our way to what works best for us, in every area of our lives, and this area is no exception. Together we find what solutions and supports work best for you, essentially customizing how you move forward without substances that previously served you, and no longer do. You have choices. You can make changes, even if they seem tough at first.