August 31, 2023

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“I just don’t know what to do…”

Most recently I heard this from an amazing human who is concerned about their adult child and his relationship with substances. The question boiled down to, “what do I do about my estate?” But really, this could apply to just about anyone who finds themselves in a place where there seem to be few options on the table.

Why does this matter? Because you care. Because when you find yourself sitting in this place it feels downright miserable. 

What you can do about it:

  • Spend time getting clear on your priorities and concerns. 
  • Check yourself to ensure that you’re not taking action from a place of retaliation or punishment.
  • Check as well to make sure you’re not acting out of fear; we rarely make good decisions from a place of fear.
  • Once you’ve gotten clear on your priorities and motivations, get yourself good, solid support from the right people; an attorney if it’s about an estate, a medical professional if it’s health related, a financial advisor if it’s about money, a therapist to walk with you down this path or whatever combination of people you need.

How does this help? Life is tough enough without having to slog through situations which most of us don’t see coming or, if we do see them heading our way, don’t know what to do about them. Having a set of guide posts makes all the difference in the world.

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